Dan Brown

Dan Brown is an american author of thriller fiction in 2003 he wrote The Da Vinci Code . His books usually features keys, symbols, codes, consiparcy theories.

Some of his books are listed below:

Digital Fortress

Deception Point

Angels & Demons

The Da Vinci Code

The Lost Symbol


Robert Langdon is the main character and the books are set in a 24 hour period.The Da Vinci Code (Robert Langdon)Also available on kindle.

His 4 th novel The Da Vinci Code was on top of the best sellers list in 2003.

This book earned him an income of US $250 million




One of my favourite authors, his number one best selling book being Kane and Abel” reading this book makes you believe that Jeffrey Archer is indeed a wonderful story teller. It is a marvellous story of two pwerful men brought together by fate, their paths are crossed in a ruthless struggle to build a fortune. His various other books are equally intriguing, “The Clifton Chronicles series ” especially ” This Was A Man” one does not want to keep down the book down.

The Clifton Chronicles series


Series Order: Jeffrey Archer: Clifton Chronicles in Order: Kane and Abel Series

Jeffery Archer books are also available on Kindle.

Love for Books

Reading has been my passion, they are my true love and my best friends.

My journey as a reader began from a lover of fairy tales to Enid Blyton. Getting into the imaginative world of fairies, pixies and gnomes. Then as a teenager a fan of Nancy Drew books to Agatha Christie. Then of course discovery of various authors like Danielle Steele, Sydney Sheldon, Jeffery Archer, Mary Higgins Clark, Paula Coelho,Robin Cook,Dan Brown and various other authors.

But the best thing is joy of reading and travelling into a different world, standing beside each character feeling their joys, sorrow, pain and hope.

Books give us an insight into the human nature.

My aim through this blog is to share my experience about the books I read and having discussions on these books.