The Wordy Side by Shubhi Shrivastava

“The drink to kill” someone they say,

But they spread it in so many different ways.

By words, by deeds, by just your attitude

You can kill someone so easily anyway.

The above lines are from the poem “The Poison”

This is a book of poems by Shubhi Shrivastava. She is a student of medical science. Her sensitivity on various issues reflects in her writing. This book is in two parts English and Hindi. This is her debut book of poems. In certain poems there is a reflection her childhood experiences. One of her poems in hindi ‘Corona Yoda’ is dedicated to the Corona warriors, being in a medical profession she gives a wonderful description of their emotions. Another one called ‘Empty roads ‘ also depicts the present situation of Covid 19 pandemic. Favourite poem in the hindi section is ‘Mataji ka Chashma’, it has humour in it and quite enjoyable. My personal favourites are ‘Black’, ‘Solitude’ and ‘Poison’. In these poems the poetess expresses how a dark person in our country is often ridiculed for their skin colour as if beauty lies just skin deep. ‘Solitude’ is a poem about how a person turns into a recluse after getting negative vibes from friends and family. The poem that touched me the most was Poison where the poet describes words spoken out of spite with an intention to kill the person’s self confidence is no less than poison.
On the whole the poetess has used simple language to relate to the readers. Well written expressions.

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