Kangan by Simran Puri

I just couldn’t stop myself from keeping the book down. Was reading it nonstop. Great story of  an aristocratic family saga and  generations carrying stories along with their heirlooms. Changing Punjab and also status of woman. The book has left a great impression on my mind. Usually we read about stories  about women living in middle east but we forget that women from our very own Punjab lived a somewhat similar fate. How times have changed and not so far back status of woman was not as it is now. This book reminded me that each piece of heirloom we possess carry its own story, some forgotten and some remembered. Also, we are just custodians of what we receive from our ancestors. Mehtab Kaur is depicted as a wise woman who goes ahead to correct the sin committed by her husband’s ancestors by giving Bibi Mohran her due full respect. I can go on and on about how this book touched my heart.