A MAN CALLED OVE By Fredrik Backman

One of our book club reads. To begin with I really didn’t like the book in the beginning but it gradually grows on you. Suddenly one starts identifying Ove with someone elderly known to you, who is resistant to change. Ove likes his set routine and gets upset if there is a change in his routine. The younger generation’s attitude towards life and the changing world is somewhat unbelievable for Ove. This is a story of a grumpy old man with a massive gentle heart whom you end up loving. It is a book with a humorous tinge especially when his neighbour Parvaneh a young pregnant woman knocks on his door. She comes as a whirlwind and becomes a part of his life. Ove reluctantly accepts Parvaneh and the cat into his life.

Interesting book which I would have not otherwise picked had it not been for the book club read. And I’m glad that I got to read it.