Fly away by Kristin Hannah

My first book by this author. Loved it through and through. Friendship between Tully and Kate. Tully is a successful woman with a sad past. Life changes when Kate dies of cancer. Tully is the Godmother of Kate’s daughter,Marah who is devastated by her mother‘s death. Johnny, Kate’s husband makes his best effort to help his daughter but nothing seems to matter to her. She drifts away from her family involved with a young man who leads her to a dangerous and shadowy world of drugs.

Dorothy Hart is Tully’s mother who had constantly abandoned Tully as a child. But when tragedy strikes Tully, Dorothy is drawn to her daughter’s side. Dorothy reveals the ugly secrets of her past and becomes the mother her daughter needed.

Story of each women entwined together, each lost their way and a miracle is needed to change their lives.

Beautiful book with in depth human emotions. Where friendship, family, love, hope and forgiveness helps Tully, Dorothy and Marah to overcome their fears .