Julia Child – The lady who introduced art of french cooking to america


I often used to think is too late to discover oneself, till I saw this movie called Julie and Julia. So, I was watching this movie called Julie and Julia. It’s about this American lady Julia Child moves to Paris with her diplomat husband and she asks the same question, “Is it too late to discover oneself?” And here she learns the French cuisine .In the school where she ‘s learning she discovers that this is a male dominated profession as all her classmates are male. But that doesn’t deter her. Rather she becomes a pioneer in introducing French cooking to America.

Julia Child was born on 15th August 1912 in United States of America. She moved to Paris in the year 1948 and was there till 1954. During her stay in Paris she immensely enjoys the French cuisine. So,she decides that while she’s there she learns French cooking herself. She enrols herself in the famous ‘Le Cordon Bleu’ cooking school. With her determination to learn she proves to her counter parts that nothing can deter her from learning the French cuisine.

She starts teaching in 1951. And here she writes the book’Mastering the art of French Cooking ‘ which becomes a bestseller.

She returns to USA and she gets to do television shows on cooking,’The French Chef, Julia Child: Bon appe’tit, Julia Child & Company, Dinnerat Julia’s, Cooking with Master Chefs,Julia’s Kitchen with Master Chefs, Baking with Julia, Julia Child & JacquesPe’pin Cooking at home. As the television shows in 1960s were unedited and live her various blunders would appear on the television, which made her so real to American housewives. Always in her pearls and well dressed with her many mistakes and corrections she introduced ‘Art of French Cooking ‘ to America. Julia Child became a household name.  She wrote various books like Mastering the art of French Cooking, The French Chef Cook Book, Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom, The Way to Cook, My Life in France, From Julia Child’s Kitchen and many more.

In 1981, she founded The American Institute of Wine and Food. Julia Child ‘s kitchen from her to show is displayed in National Museum of America. Julia Child died on 13 th August,2004 and leaving behind her legacy in the form of ‘The Julia Child Foundation for Gastronomy and Culinary Arts.’

Impressive life of an ordinary woman who turns into a legend.