Love for Books

Reading has been my passion, they are my true love and my best friends.

My journey as a reader began from a lover of fairy tales to Enid Blyton. Getting into the imaginative world of fairies, pixies and gnomes. Then as a teenager a fan of Nancy Drew books to Agatha Christie. Then of course discovery of various authors like Danielle Steele, Sydney Sheldon, Jeffery Archer, Mary Higgins Clark, Paula Coelho,Robin Cook,Dan Brown and various other authors.

But the best thing is joy of reading and travelling into a different world, standing beside each character feeling their joys, sorrow, pain and hope.

Books give us an insight into the human nature.

My aim through this blog is to share my experience about the books I read and having discussions on these books.

The Wife

The Wife is the story of the long and stormy marriage between a world-famous novelist, Joe Castleman, and his wife Joan, and the secret they’ve kept for decades. The novel opens just as Joe is about to receive a prestigious international award, The Helsinki Prize, to honor his career as one of America’s preeminent novelists. Joan, who has spent forty years subjugating her own literary talents to fan the flames of his career, finally decides to stop.

Important and ambitious, The Wife is a sharp-eyed and compulsively readable story about a woman forced to confront the sacrifices she’s made in order to achieve the life she thought she wanted. “A rollicking, perfectly pitched triumph…Wolitzer’s talent for comedy of manners reaches a heady high” (Los Angeles Times), in this wise and candid look at the choices all men and women make—in marriage, work, and life.


The Garden of Burning Sand

This book depicts the troubled conditions in Zambia. Corruption at its helm. Child abuse due to superstitious believe that AIDS can be cured by a child still exists. There is lack of medical facilities. Rich and powerful go to full lengths to hamper the judicial system. But also due to the sheer dedication of certain honest officers and judges things are beginning to change.

An accomplished young human rights lawyer, Zoe Fleming has made a life for herself in Zambia, far from her estranged father—a business mogul with presidential aspirations—and the devastating betrayals of her past.

When a girl with Down syndrome is sexually assaulted in a Lusaka slum, Zoe demands justice. Determined to see the case through, she joins Zambian police officer Joseph Zabuta in investigating the rape. Piecing together clues from the victim’s past, they discover a violent connection between the girl— Kuyeya—and a powerful Zambian family that will stop at nothing to bury the truth.

As Zoe and Joseph are drawn deeper into the complex web of characters behind this sinister crime, they forge a bond of friendship that slowly transforms into love. Thwarted at every turn, they find themselves caught in a great clash between the forces of justice and power. To vindicate Kuyeya and build a future with Joseph, Zoe must risk her life and her heart and confront the past she thought she left behind.


If you are interested in historical fiction, this book is for you. I am thoroughly enjoying this book. Worth reading it.

The stunning, massively bestselling story of Napoleon’s first fiancé

First published in 1953, this riveting true-life tale comes to life in diary form, giving readers an inside glimpse at the young Napoleon and his family. De’siree’ is enchanted by the young officer, and he asks her to marry him. But he must leave for Paris, where he meets his eventual wife Josephine. A heartbroken De’siree’ is unsure she’ll ever find anyone again. A love story, but so much more, De’siree’ is the tale of a simple merchant’s daughter who ends up with a kind of royalty she never expected: an unforgettable story just waiting to be reborn.

You can purchase this at your local bookstore, library or at,

How create love for books in young children….

From my personal experience I learnt even a baby as young as 3 months gets fascinated by books. Little picture books full of colours always increases the curiosity of a young child. Early reading habits grow into a life long habit. The best gift a child can get is love for reading.

As a child I would spend all my pocket money on books. And book shops fascinated me, seeing the same excitement in my children gives me a reason to be contented. Often my kids ask me ” mama you never say no for buying a book, why?” My answer has always been,” you are adding to a treasure chest.”

One thing I learnt is that never tell a young child not to buy a particular book, rather let them buy any book of their choice maybe even a colouring book and then quietly get a book of your choice and say that ” I think we should take this too because it looks interesting.” Believe me any child will be glad to get a little extra thing from the market. Once you are back home the child might not initially touch the book you got but after a while maybe a day or so out of curiosity will definitely open it. This is a tried and tested formula.

In today’s world kids are exposed to artificial recreation that a good hobby like reading is forgotten. My advice to parents is don’t compel your child to read rather gently introduce the habit of reading. Kids are always fascinated by stories and bedtime story is the best way of introducing reading.

Here are some books for young kids:-

Gone girl

Gone Girl is a novel written by author Gillian Flynn. It is written as a contemporary thriller novel and is first published in June 2012. The novel’s core mystery stems from an uncertainty about the protagonist, Nick Dunne. Whether Nick killed his wife, Amy Dunne, is the suspense the novel is built up on. The novel is well received throughout the United States and other English-speaking nations.

Gone Girl centers its story about Nick and Amy Dunne’s strained marriage relationship. Nick used to work as a journalist, but loses his job. With his broke financial status, Nick decides to relocate from New York City to his smaller home town, North Carthage. In an attempt of recovering from his financial deprivations, Nick opens a bar using the money from his wife. Nick runs the bar along with his twin sister Margo, providing a decent living for his family. But, as they days go by, his marriage with Amy is falling apart slowly. Amy resents her new life.

On a summer morning in Missouri, when Nick and Amy are celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary along with their relatives and acquaintances, Amy goes missing. Police’s eyes turn towards Nick as an act of suspicion, since Nick used Amy’s money for his business and their relationship is strained. As the police delve into the investigation, different shades of stories come out from Nick’s and Amy’s sides. The suspense of the book is carried until the actual information is demystified. The edition is published in paperback, on 8th November, 2012.

In several interviews, Flynn has said that she was interested in exploring the psychology and dynamics of a long-term relationship. In portraying her principal characters who are out-of-work writers, she made use of her own experience being laid off from her job as a writer for Entertainment Weekly.

Critics in the United States positively received and reviewed the novel. Reviewers praised the novel’s use of unreliable narration, plot twists, and suspense.

A film adaptation, directed by David Fincher and written by Flynn, with Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike starring, was released on October 3, 2014. The film was met with both commercial success and widespread critical acclaim.

Gone Girl available on amazon

Harry Potter 

Being grown up on Enid Blytons, I never understood the fan following of Harry Potter books until my daughter started reading these books. It takes the children in a magical fantasy world which is intriguing to a young mind.The central character in the series is Harry Potter, an English boy who lives with his aunt, uncle, and cousin – the Dursleys – who discovers, at the age of eleven, that he is a wizard, though he lives in the ordinary world of non-magical people known as Muggles. The wizarding world exists parallel to the Muggle world, albeit hidden and in secrecy. His magical ability is inborn and children with such abilities are invited to attend exclusive magic schools that teach the necessary skills to succeed in the wizarding world.Harry becomes a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, a wizarding academy in Scotland and it is here where most of the events in the series take place. As Harry develops through his adolescence, he learns to overcome the problems that face him: magical, social and emotional, including ordinary teenage challenges such as friendships, infatuation, romantic relationships, schoolwork and exams, anxiety, depression, stress, and the greater test of preparing himself for the confrontation, that lies ahead, in wizarding Britain’s increasingly-violent second wizarding war.

In 1990, Rowling was on a crowded train from Manchester to London when the idea for Harry suddenly “fell into her head”. Rowling gives an account of the experience on her website saying:
“I had been writing almost continuously since the age of six but I had never been so excited about an idea before. I simply sat and thought, for four (delayed train) hours, and all the details bubbled up in my brain, and this scrawny, black-haired, bespectacled boy who did not know he was a wizard became more and more real to me.”
Rowling completed Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in 1995 and the manuscript was sent off to several prospective agents. The second agent she tried, Christopher Little, offered to represent her and sent the manuscript to Bloomsbury.

J.K. Rowling with her wonderful writing has been able to capture a child’s imagination.

Three thousand stitches

“So often, it’s the simplest acts of courage that touch the lives of others. Sudha Murty-through the exceptional work of the Infosys Foundation as well as through her own youth, family life and travels-encounters many … And she tells them here in her characteristically clear-eyed, warm-hearted way. She talks candidly about the meaningful impact of her work in the devadasi community, her trials and tribulations as the only female student in her engineering college and the unexpected and inspiring consequences of her father’s kindness. From the quiet joy of discovering the reach of Indian cinema and the origins of Indian vegetables to the shallowness of judging others based on appearances, these are everyday struggles and victories, large and small. Unmasking both the beauty and ugliness of human nature, each of the real-life stories in this collection is reflective of a life lived with grace.

Sudha Murty was born in 1950 in Shiggaon in north Karnataka. She did her MTech in computer science, and is now the chairperson of the Infosys Foundation. A prolific writer in English and Kannada, she has written nine novels, four technical books, three travelogues, one collection of short stories, three collections of non-fiction pieces and two books for children.

Her books have been translated into all the major Indian languages and have sold over three lakh copies around the country. She was the recipient of the R.K. Narayan???s Award for Literature and the Padma Shri in 2006.

A heart-warming tale of courage and conviction from India’s biggest-selling woman author
Two decades ago, when Sudha Murty approached a group of devadasis for the first time, determined to make a difference to their lives, they threw a chappal at her.
Undeterred, she went back, telling herself she must talk to the devadasis about the dangers of AIDS. This time, they threw tomatoes.
But she refused to give up. The Infosys Foundation worked hard to make the devadasis self-reliant, to help educate their children, and to rid the label of the social stigma that had become attached to it. Today, there are no temple prostitutes left in the state of Karnataka.
This is the powerful, inspirational story of that change initiative that has transformed thousands of lives.

This book has got wonderful reviews and is worth reading.I’m going to pick up my copy….